Being famous as the religious hub in Uttarakhand, Haridwar is globally famous for its spectacular beauty augmented by religious places. If you are willing to experience serenity and holiness at its best, planning a religious getaway with a travel agent in Haridwar is the right decision. Certainly, the travel agents have all the requisite information and can support you in booking transportation, hotels, and other essential traveling needs. It is better to contact them in advance and ensure that everything is well-planned before you could start your religious journey. In fact, the travel agent in Haridwar will unleash the majestic beauty of top religious getaways for an ethereal experience. Some of the sacred sites to visit in Haridwar are: Chandi Devi Temple: Situated on the exotic Neel Parbat of the Shivalik Hill range, the Chandi Devi Temple has been developed by the King of Kashmir in 1929. As per the travel agent in Haridwar, you can reach the temple through a ropeway. But, it is advisable to hike for about 3-5km to reach the temple because you enjoy scenic views on the way. In fact, you can arrange a taxi from your hotel to the start point of the ropeway through a travel agent in Haridwar. Mansa Devi Temple: Another famous temple in the town is Mansa Devi where you can plan your visit through a travel agent in Haridwar. Dedicated to Goddess Mansa, it is believed that the deity emerged from Lord Shiva’s mind and is a form of Shakti. This temple is located on the Bilwa Parbat of the Shivalik Hill Range. If you wish to visit the place, the travel agent in Haridwar will advise you to either do a trek of about 3 to 4 km or reach the temple by ropeway. Bharat Mata Temple: Known as one of its kind temples, Bharat Mata temple is dedicated to “Mother India”. You will get to know from the travel agent in Haridwar that this temple was built by Adi Shankaracharya. Moreover, the temple finds mentioned in Vishnu Puran as well as Mahabharat. From Lord Vishnu to other gods and goddesses, you will find ample time to purify your mind. If you are willing to visit this place, the travel agent in Haridwar can help you in arranging appropriate transport. Daksh Mahadev Temple: Positioned in the Kankhal region of Haridwar, Daksh Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Indeed, the temple has been named after Prajapati Dakh who was Goddess Sati’s father and son of Lord Brahma. According to the travel agent in Haridwar, it is considered one of the most famous temples in Haridwar. Har Ki Paudi: Har Ki Paudi is the most pious place in Haridwar because it is located on the banks of the Holy River Ganga. As per travel agent in Haridwar, millions of devotees visit this place throughout the year. Indeed, the evening aarti ritual of River Ganga is a must-see activity at the place. If you wish to live around the area, a travel agent in Haridwar will assist you in making the necessary arrangements. By taking a dip in River Ganga, you can warn off your sins. ABD Holidays as Ideal Travel Agent in Haridwar: If you are willing to destress and spend time in serenity, planning a to Haridwar with ABD Holidays as your travel agent in Haridwar is the perfect thing to do. They will plan your entire trip for an excellent holiday and help you visit the religious places in the town. Of course, every detail of the trip is provided by the travel agents in Haridwar for a better experience.