When you witness and experience nature’s majesty under cold dark nights, sitting by the warm fire, and spotting the brightest star, the mighty nature overwhelms you. Uttarakhand is where camps and bonfires make an exciting prospect for a traveler. Plan camping in Rishikesh and enthrall yourself with a wide range of activities and enjoy the stupendous nature.

Camping in Rishikesh is available with neatly managed surroundings, panoramic views, and uninterrupted valleys making for the ideal place to make your weekend special. These stays are offered with basic facilities, provide good food, and a wide range of activities that are perfectly curated to make your holidays engrossing. A session of camping in Rishikesh could be the best arrangement for your weekend.


About Camping in Rishikesh

Camping in Rishikesh is well-known among tourists and adventure enthusiasts because of the availability of plenty of adventure and tourist places around here. While planning a trip camping in Rishikesh there are a lot of activities. It is a day trip that you can plan to make the most out of your short vacation. River rafting, body surfing, cliff jumping, bonfire, in-house volleyball, and badminton are among the most exciting things to do while planning camping in Rishikesh. With a lot of things to do and an ideal space to live in the closet of nature, camping in Rishikesh is more fun.


​​Importance of going camping in Rishikesh

Camping in Rishikesh turns out to be one of the best things a group of friends can experience together. Imagine staying in the camps on the brink of the beautiful Ganga river in the company of your friends. You can even experience all sorts of activities like bonfires, dining, night gazing, singing, and let the party mode on all the time. It is also advisable that you stay in peaceful surroundings to get a panoramic view of hills and easy accessibility to the river.

Beautiful Locations Make Camping in Rishikesh a Must-Do Activity

Close accessibility to the crystal clear water of the Ganga river is something that you cannot miss. One of the most well-known sites for camping in Rishikesh is near the river, and of course, in one of the most luxurious camps for experiencing a supreme level of comfort. Along with staying in the close vicinity of nature, your group of friends experiences an amazing connection with the hills, stunning views, a tranquil feeling inside, and so much more.

A lot of Activities in Rishikesh While Camping

As you know, Rishikesh offers multiple adventurous activities that will definitely fulfill your adrenaline rush. Along with your group of friends, you should surely do at least one adventure sport to add amazing and unique memories to your travel diaries. You can enjoy different adventure activities and sports such as river rafting, trekking, cliff jumping, bungee jumping, etc. There are a lot of camps and resorts in Rishikesh near the river Ganga that offer camp-like luxurious accommodations and are also close to adventure activity spots.

Safe, Secure, and Adventurous Place to Stay

Are you in search of adventurous camping in Rishikesh with your friends? Don’t wait, and come closer to nature while visiting one of the best places in Uttarakhand. You can get safe and protected accommodations near the river that are properly managed, cleaned, and sanitized by certified camping staff.


When to Visit

The best time to do camping in Rishikesh varies according to the season. Late September to Mid-November & early March to the first week of May are most recommended. Avoid the monsoon season to keep away from unwanted hassles. Also, the rapids in the Ganga river are on the surge, and staying away from water during this period is advisable.


Wrapping Up

Camping in Rishikesh is all about living amidst nature and experiencing adventure-based sports. Also, try visiting a few religious sites here as well to get the peace and serenity of this place. Camping in Rishikesh will take away all your worries. So, plan camping in Rishikesh now and pamper the adventurous soul in you.

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